Snow Globe Art
Posted Dec 14, 2022 by Jacquie Robison

This is a great fine motor activity to flex your child's creativity and get into the holiday spirit!

Their imaginations can soar with our free template, available for print here.

Let your child explore all sorts of options for their snow globe doesn't have to include a snowman! Encourage them to draw a scene from their favorite holiday movie or festive story -- maybe a performance of The Nutcracker will be their inspiration. They can practice printing their name or working on cursive handwriting in the area on the base.

A couple of fun ideas our family has used include resizing the image to make a greeting card, and using the final creation as DIY wrapping paper!

The art supplies you'll need are likely things you have in your home: markers, pencil crayons (glue and glitter adds a nice touch, too!)

Share your final creations on our Instagram @wawosorg

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