tag: cerebral palsy
Inclusion Revolution
Necessity is the mother of invention. I remember that phrase being on a loop in my head when I was preparing to launch this nonprofit. I'd return to it, repeating it over and over, as I completed bylaws, applied for charitable status and reached out to prospective board members....
Teaching Inclusion and Empathy
September is back-to-school time and many classrooms have shifted to a distance learning model. This still provides opportunities to talk to students about inclusion and empathy, which are core to the WAWOS mission. We believe in embracing difference and seeing the beauty in uniqueness....
Never without hope
What does it feel like to have a physical difference? To have others look at your outside self and make assumptions about who you are, how you are or what you're capable of ? In the early years after Sofia's diagnosis, anyone who only knew me through Facebook updates would not...