SF Giants player, Tristan Beck, joins as Honorary Board Member at WAWOS

"Playing sports was a huge part of my childhood and I believe that it helps children of all abilities activate their creativity, wonder, and sense of adventure. WAWOS challenges stereotypes around physical disability and advocates access to adventure for kids of all abilities, and I'm very excited to join the WAWOS organization and use my platform to make a positive impact."

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JUNE 2023
"The founder of multinational non-profit WAWOS, Jacquie Robison is leveraging her 20 years of Marketing and Communications experience spanning multiple media and industries to disrupt the narrative around physical disability."

WAWOS Hits Disability Visibility Milestone with Walkercapes Program

"Research has shown that for children with disabilities, participating in adventures with neurotypical kids can enhance self confidence, build friendships, and deepen empathy and inclusion for everybody."

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"Jacquie believed it was an idea that could make a difference for other families, and launched WAWOS to shift perception of disability, advocate access to adventure for all, and promote inclusion."

Top 20 Women Disruptors Of 2021

MAY 2021
"Jacquie believed it was an idea that could make a difference for other families, and she launched the nonprofit to shift perception of disability and promote inclusion. Now, the all-volunteer organization makes and gives away these walkercapes for free. In three years, they’ve sent over 1200 to pediatric therapy clinics, rehabilitation hospitals and directly to families around the world."

Sofia & Jacquie: A Dynamic Duo

MAY 2020
"[Cerebral Palsy] is such a footnote to who she is and I feel like it’s really important for us as a family to live that,” Jacquie said. “How would any of us feel if we were defined by the thing that is the least of us?"

Everyday Inspiration - Jacquie Robison

April 2020
“Walkers haven’t really changed,” Jacquie told me. “They’re functional but there’s no design factor. Sofia loved ballet, and was taking lessons at Tutu School. I had the beginnings of an idea to incorporate her interests and express them with her walker.”


Feb 2019
"As I read on, I started to frame an approach to this new normal in my mind. Cerebral Palsy is non-progressive. This was Sofia’s floor, and there wasn’t anyone who could forecast where the ceiling would be for her."