It's Official
Posted Nov 2, 2017 by Jacquie Robison
I'm beyond excited to share our big news ...WAWOS is now a 501(c)(3) corporation!

WAWOS started quietly in 2014 as a place for me to share  the at-home activities I put together to extend the work Sofia was doing in therapy. I was encouraged by members of her clinical team who felt these adventures could benefit other  families who had children who were newly diagnosed with a developmental delay. Things like making an obstacle course and playing "American Ninja Warrior Jr" or building a treasure hunt with a series of clues that mimicked the work she was doing in her physical and occupational therapy. I had seen how these approaches were helpful in keeping Sofia motivated and how they led to her continued progress. I simply hoped other families may find similar success with the ideas.

In 2015 Sofia underwent a significant surgery that required her to return to using a walker for rehab.  It was important to get her out and moving, but a now 6 year old Sofia was more aware of the concerned stares and averted eyes.  I came up with the walker cape as a way to motivate her to love her walker.  The surprise was that it also motivated the world to engage with her and her disability in a whole new way.  

I wanted what all parents want: to have my child be seen fully, and not just defined by her diagnosis. I saw that these walker capes could be a catalyst to this change.  It was time for our quiet little corner to grow a little louder.

So in early 2017 we started the process towards full fledged non-profit.  I recruited a team.  My husband, Jeremiah took to expanding the website.  A family friend and CPA volunteered to help us  file the IRS paperwork.  My good friends Teresa and Amy raised their hands to be officers of the company.  We’re ready to invite you to join us on this journey to shift perception of disability through the application of design and technology. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us along this path.

Welcome to WAWOS 

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