Introducing WAWOS WEAR
Posted Aug 28, 2017 by Jacquie Robison
I'm thrilled to share something new from WAWOS. It's a project I've been working on for a little bit, and I'm excited to send it out into the world. Introducing WAWOS WEAR Walker Capes.

How did I get here?

When Sofia was using a walker, I would take her to the park, the store...everywhere. I knew that the more practice she got, the stronger her legs would get. Sure, people would stare, and when either Sofia or I would make eye contact with them, they'd look away. I know this wasn't mean-spirited, but was just the way many folks react when they are uncomfortable or don't know what to say.

But, it got me thinking, "How could I encourage Sofia to keep moving, and invite others to see her spirit? To have them look beyond the walker and see my amazing girl?" I decided I wanted to design an outfit for her walker that would give it a little flair. Show some of her personality.

While my sewing talents were pretty much limited to putting a button on a shirt, I bought a sewing machine and took lessons.

This was the result. And, the response from Sofia was electric. She just loved it!

But, the real magic was in how other people reacted. Rather than looking away, they would approach her and ask "ohh, do you like ballet?' She would proudly reply "I take ballet lessons. I'm a ballerina." (she does -- at Tutu School, which has been a terrific, twirling experience). It really challenged other people's perceptions of what Sofia was capable of doing.

We thought all kiddos who use an assistive device like a walker might want a cape of their own. Our first designs are ballerina, firefighter and robot -- all a nod to areas of interest for Sofia.

I delivered the first set of WAWOS WEAR Walker Capes to Starfish Therapies founder, Stacy Menz. I'm working on others to be donated to pediatric rehab units and places that provide support and treatment for kids with physical differences who use equipment.

As is often the case, our Sofia summed it up best when we asked her how she felt about the capes. "I like that they let people know a little about a kid's inside self instead of just seeing their outside self." I think we could all use a cape like that.

Do you love to sew? Know someone who does? Or maybe you know a kiddo who wants a Walker Cape? Leave a message in the comments.