Spark Inclusion from your home office
Posted Mar 5, 2021 by Jacquie Robison
As so many of us are still sporting the "WFH Mullet" (business on top, party on the bottom), here's an easy way to show support for inclusion and help get the WAWOS word out.

Download this virtual background and put it in the rotation for your meetings. Tell colleagues and friends about our WAWOS Wear program...volunteer-made walkercapes in a variety of themes and styles to express the interest and personality of a child using a walker. We give them away for free to pediatric rehab hospitals, physical therapy clinics and directly to families!

WAWOS has given away more than 1500 walker capes over the past 3+ years and demand continues to grow. We want to give more than a walkercape...we want to give connection, conversation and community.

Help us grow our reach and spread inclusion!
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