Getting the Kit

Each WAWOS Wear sewing kit contains a pattern, clothing labels, and hang tags to produce 5 capes. You supply the fabric, the velcro, the thread and the talent! This material represents a cost of approximately $100.

When you request your kit from let us know if you need a tax receipt and the number of capes you wish to sew.

Making the Capes

You purchase fabrics and velcro (⅝” or 1”) Consider fun fabrics that kids would find appealing (1.5 yards of fabric yields one cape; if you want to make it reversible, 3 yards of harmonizing fabric will yield 2 capes) Cotton/Poly blend fabrics hang nicely on the walker frame and are lightweight. 100% cotton also works well.

Design Considerations

  • No small embellishments, such as buttons, as they could pose a choking hazard.
  • No trailing pieces of material, as they could get caught in wheels and pose a tripping hazard.
  • No rayon or cellulose fabrics, as these are highly flammable.
  • Remember, these are kiddos. Keep the messages positive, inclusive, and politics-free.
  • Practice kindness.

Check out our Instagram for inspiring designs created by our community @wawosorg.

Donating the Capes

We are partnered with a number of pediatric and rehab facilities to distribute the walker capes. Once you are finished sewing, let us know and we’ll arrange presentation to an organization in your area.

Do you have a hospital or therapy unit in mind? This is your community, who better than you to make it brighter? Share the details in your email to .