My little teacher
Posted Apr 9, 2018 by Jacquie Robison
Recently, we attended an amazing Easter egg hunt hosted by friends who get more done in a day than I can hope to get done in a week #LifeGoals

Truly, these guys are amazing.
They welcome families to their home.
They hide 300+ eggs with treats inside.
They address the more than 40 kids (and their parents) before the hunt begins.
They do it with grace and inclusion top of mind, so the kids know they have an upper limit of eggs to find. It's just a beautiful way to encourage kindness in competition.
Everyone is included. And it is beautiful and seamless and just an incredible experience.

During the egg hunt, Sofia stepped around with a couple of girlfriends...all on her own (after I took this picture, she politely asked me to "go talk to the adults, I've got this").

On the drive home, she said, "Mom, that was SO MUCH FUN. It was my first time really just going off on my own without a parent or teacher. I think I should do more of that."

Thank you for the lesson, Sofia.

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