X marks the spot
Posted Mar 9, 2015 by Jacquie Robison
Since she was about three years old, one of Sofia’s favorite shows has been ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates.’ She is inspired by the idea of discovery, working together as a team and treasure. Hey, the girl loves her bling!

One morning at breakfast, she asked if she could watch the show after she finished eating. I knew we had a half-day of errands and running around coming up — which would mean a lot of travel time in the car — so I didn’t want her sitting and just watching a show, only to have her sit more during our commute.
Instead, I offered “How about we have our own treasure hunt?” Her eyes lit up and she agreed enthusiastically. Since that first, time, we’ve made a ton of treasure maps and have switched up the activities over and over again.

There are really an endless number of things I can have Sofia work on as a step in the treasure hunt. We’ve put together outdoor treasure hunts that have included kids horseshoe throwing, blowing bubbles and stepping to break them, and t-ball. I try to incorporate whatever activity she has been working on in physical therapy and occupational therapy that particular week and I modify it to a home-friendly environment with items we have at-the-ready.
For the ‘hidden treasure’ as a treat at the end of the hunt, I have a collection of $1 items, but I’ve also just used a couple of Hershey’s kisses or another small treat.

And, I’ve got to close with one of Sofia’s favorite jokes:

Q: Why are pirates called pirates?
A: They just ARRRRRRGH
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