Thanksgiving Placecards
Posted Nov 19, 2020 by Jacquie Robison
Like many families this year, our little tribe of 3 will be celebrating Thanksgiving at-home on our own. There will be plenty of video calls to family and friends, and we'll still make a feast with all the fixings!

Our tree is up and decorated...the earliest it has ever been...and we love having it sparkle in the evenings .

To add some flair to our table scape, we decided to make some inexpensive DIY placecards. There are so many inventive ways to approach this and the only limit is your imagination!

Bonus: it's a great fine motor activity and you can use materials you have on hand.

-toilet paper rolls
-gift ribbon
-felt or construction paper
-glue or two-sided tape

Empty toilet paper rolls cut in half make a terrific base for the name cards.

To get your creativity fired up, here are two craft options: a 'turkey' theme and a simple, elegant ribbon one.

For the turkey, I had scrap material left from sewing walker capes along with some felt pieces. You can use construction paper or card stock, too. The key for this one is cutting a scalloped 'tail feather' area large enough to be used as a namecard. A starburst pattern or a half circle would also look terrific.

For the ribbon-wrapped option, cutting the length of ribbon a little longer than the circumference of the roll will ensure full coverage.

Glue to the toilet paper roll and let it dry.

To add the name card, we cut two slits on either side of the top and tucked the card across. Voila!

How are you going to add festive touches to your table? Share your photos and tag @wawosorg

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