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What are you working on?
I had an idea to keep our daughter focused on specific new tasks her physical therapist felt she was ready to try. One of the overwhelming things about cerebral palsy is that there are so many seemingly ‘easy’ tasks that take a lot of energy and effort for the child to work out....
Bug Stomp
MATERIALS ~ sheet of paper/light floor ~ marker ~ roll of scotch tape We’ve had the biggest successes creating adventures for our daughter that match her interests and her curiosity. A super easy one was inspired by her fascination with bugs and insects. We did some research together...
Peacock Proud
MATERIALS ~ paper ~ marker or crayon It doesn’t get much easier than ‘trace your hand’ for a fun activity that develops Sofia’s fine motor skills — and her creative imagination. The first time we tried this, she was about 3.5 years old and needed quite a bit of help gripping the...