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Comparison is the thief of joy
As a child, my parents spoke often about personal responsibility. Their number one message was that each of us has unique talents and gifts, and that we owe it to ourselves -- and to the world -- to develop those gifts. To unwrap them and use them. To put them into practice to...
Mark your Calendar: KEENfit Field Day & Resource Fair
WAWOS is thrilled to have this amazing woman launch our guest post series. From time to time, we'll feature experts in all areas of pediatric rehab along with innovators in emerging modalities for otherly-abled children with the goal of educating, providing resources and growing...
In your own words
Meaningful. Motivating. Those are two words that capture the impact we want to have to change the conversation around children with a physical difference, and promote inclusion and accessibility. They're also the words I hope other people use when they receive a cape from our...
A merry mishap
So, this happened. A week ago, I broke the big toe on my left foot by catching it on the bottom of my yoga pants and yanking it the wrong way. Yep. The bad toe puns and jokes have been pretty relentless since I admitted how this accident went down. Trending in my family: #NamasteOnTheCouch...