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Posted Jun 2, 2018 by Jacquie Robison
Meaningful. Motivating.
Those are two words that capture the impact we want to have to change the conversation around children with a physical difference, and promote inclusion and accessibility. They're also the words I hope other people use when they receive a cape from our all-volunteer organization.
So, this Instagram post touches my heart in a very profound way. This incredible boy is Gadi. This is his story and his family's story. I'm going to let his wonderful mom share their experience in her words.
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(from @lifewithgadi on Instagram)
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"This post is long overdue! Gadi received a #walkercape from @wawosorg a little while ago. We met the wonderful founder, Jacquie for some coffee and a trip to the park.
Gadi often talks about that day fondly. He loves his #pawpatrol cape (His PT also loved it!)
We try really hard to make sure Gadi feels good about his equipment and extra gear. We always try adding something special to make it exciting. It's the little things that can make a difference to both the child and the parent.
The cape has also given us a great way to respond to children who are not exposed to medical equipment and often stare.
Gadi enjoys using the walker with the cape on and putting little toys in the attached pocket.
Thank you so much for creating this awesome cape! Be sure to head on over to @wawosorg and show them some love!
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