Create a camp
Posted Jul 25, 2016 by Jacquie Robison
Ahhh, summer. Blue skies...warm breezes... barbeque dinners. I love summer and the slowed-down pace of days.

Sofia still has physical therapy, but there isn't the stress of managing a school pick-up and dashing across town to get to her appointment on time. There are also waaaay more hours in the day to fill, which can sometimes be a bit daunting. To use this time in a fun and productive way, I involved Sofia in coming up with different activity choices. We created a series of flash cards -- each with a single activity and a little picture.

The goal is to let her build her own itinerary of activities that reinforce the skills she is developing. She typically chooses 4-5 that she wants to do on a particular day. Her focus is about 20 minutes (give or take), and she ends up with a couple hours worth of fun. We call this 'create a camp'.

There are endless choices...and we add new ones when we think them up. "DJ dance party" has been a recent favorite, and is one that is especially fun when Sofia has friends over. They take turns yelling song requests to our Alexa speaker and have a great time together.

Many of the activities involve two or more people, but there are some that are independent play, which are terrific to keep her engaged and busy on her own.

I'd love to hear some of your activity ideas -- we may add them to our camp! Happy Summer.

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