Bug Stomp
Posted Dec 24, 2014 by Jacquie Robison
~ sheet of paper/light floor 
~ marker  
~ roll of scotch tape

We’ve had the biggest successes creating adventures for our daughter that match her interests and her curiosity.

A super easy one was inspired by her fascination with bugs and insects. We did some research together and were talking about the fact that bugs come in all shapes and sizes. While she was enthralled with this idea of scale, she sagely commented, ‘but, if they are too big and get too close, I could just give them a stomp.” Voila! Bug Stomp was born.

We grabbed a roll of scotch tape and a marker to  draw a series of tiny bugs a few inches apart down a roll of tape. We put them directly on the floor (our tile is light enough for it to work) and just set out a random pattern. You could also put them on pieces of paper, although I’d be wary of slippery shoes.

The ‘bug’ image on the tape gives our girl a visual target and was the perfect motivation to encourage her planting one foot and stepping the other out to ‘get’ the bug, while also helping her to focus the muscle action in her leg and modulate her movements.
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