Alphabet Art
Posted Jan 2, 2017 by Jacquie Robison
"Let's make some letter pictures", is a frequent request around our place. This is a fun way to work on Sofia's pencil skills and grow her creativity. I simply print a letter on the page and she draws an animal or creates a scene that starts with that letter. Here is a recent piece titled E is for elephant.

Sofia invests a lot of time and effort at formal physical therapy appointments during the week to strengthen and improve the range of motion and function in her legs. And, there are tremendous results that have come from that effort. But, there has to be a balance. I look at sitting activities -- especially ones that were her idea -- as a super important way to grow her confidence across other areas of development and have her be successful.

In Sofia's case, CP doesn't affect her upper body. But, we know that connections exist throughout our whole being. Any activity that we do while seated -- drawing, printing and even eating -- is easier if we have a stable base. Making sure our feet are firmly planted means we aren't using energy holding ourselves up. Typically, this happens naturally in kiddos who aren't impacted by CP, but not always in those that are. A simple cue to encourage Sofia to sit up and make sure her feet are touching the ground introduces an idea that over time, with repetition, will become habit. Next up is having her make her bed every morning...another great habit-forming activity!

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