2020 WAWOS Wishes recipients
Posted Dec 31, 2020 by Jacquie Robison
Accessible recreation is more than just a means for a child with a physical difference to get out -- it's a way for them IN to a world of adventure.
It's an invitation to participate, to play, to explore their interests and have opportunities for discovery, community and connection.

Our board is passionate about the WAWOS Wishes program, which awards directed gifts to nonprofits across the United States that provide recreational opportunities and adventures for kids with neurodifferences and delays. These financial gifts of $2500 each support the good works these organizations do and allow them to grow their impact.

Learn more about the 2020 WAWOS Wishes recipients and their commitment to outdoor adventure and creativity for kids with disabilities:

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation Santa Barbara, CA
Charlie's Champs St. Petersburg, FL
Adaptive Sports NM Santa Fe, NM
Daring Adventures Phoenix, AZ
True Friends Annandale, MN
Angel City Sports Los Angeles, CA
United Ability Birmingham, AL
I Can Shine Paoli, PA
Dreams for Kids DC Washington, DC
Move Along Baldwinsville, NY
Paradox Sports El Dorado Springs, CO
Wheelchairs 4 Kids Tarpon Springs, FL
Challenge Air Dallas, TX
All Out Adventures Northampton, MA

Here's to growing inclusion and accessibility in 2021

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