2019 WAWOS Wishes Recipients
Posted Dec 21, 2019 by Jacquie Robison
Enjoying a playground, riding a horse, surfing a wave and skiing the slopes are just some of the adventures that amazing nonprofits across the country are making accessible for kids with physical differences and delays.

My daughter, who has mild CP, has been skiing since she was 5 years old because there are incredible adaptive ski programs available for her. Seeing her embrace these experiences and flourish in response to them has been powerful instruction for her, but it has been just as important for me, too.

"When I founded WAWOS, I knew that one of the values I wanted to reinforce was my belief that adventure drives curiosity in all kids, no matter their physical ability." - Jacquie Robison, Founder

As a member of the nonprofit community, WAWOS is grateful to the many organizations that are committed to providing all kinds of accessible adventures for children and their families. As a board, we agreed that we wanted to show support in a meaningful way. We're honored to have launched a directed gift program, WAWOS Wishes, in November of this year. This is really about community helping community.

We awarded $50,000 in directed gifts to these 20 nonprofits across the country ($2500 each) to support their ongoing efforts to provide activities and promote inclusion for children with physical differences:

Project Mobility St. Charles, IL
KEEN SF San Francisco, CA
A Walk On Water Venice, CA
Achieve Tahoe Alpine Meadows, CA
The Treehouse Bedford, OH
Inclusion Matters from Shane's Inspiration Los Angeles, CA
Best Day Foundation Watsonville, CA
Mandy's Farm Albuquerque, NM
NCEFT Woodside, CA
USAdapt Big Bear, CA
SISU Gainesville, GA
Adam's Camp Denver, CO
On The Move Portland, OR
Kids On The Go Grosse Pointe MI

A huge and heartfelt thank you to these nonprofits for their continued good works.

(map artwork credit: EZ Poster Prints)

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